True Passwordless Login

Welcome to the future where username and passwords have disappeared for good!

For businesses who care about the online security and data privacy of their end-users, Authenly offers a totally passwordless login experience. And we really mean passwordless: we do not store a single password on our cloud infrastructure.

Passwordless login - what do you mean?

Get it in less than 20 seconds! Passwordless login gives you more security and more control over your data.

Promote Security and Privacy

Passwordless login
Sign-out remotely
Revoke shared data

No more passwords!

Private, Simple and Secure

Here below is a quick snapshot of most benefits experienced by end-users of your website or app after it gets integrated with the Authenly passwordless solution.

No Password

Our key feature is obviously that we do not request a password for authenticating you into any systems integrated with Authenly.


You are in control of data sharing options and data privacy in general, including consent and revokation, directly from the Authenly app.


We provide you with best-in-class security authentication, and by removing the password, we just removed the target!


You login with just a simple scan. No complicated identity, password, or code to remember or type. Just scan and you are in!

Mobile authentication

Just after access granted by a QR code scan, you get logged-in instantly into the application.

Access history

We keep a history of failed and successful access attempts to your account, so that you get more aware of attempted hacking.

Implement Authenly and go passwordless


Authenly's passwordless solution has been accredited by the Cyber department of a leading UK University.

Authenly's solution is built upon the reliable and well-estsblished protocol Oauth 2.0, although it improves it in two ways: 1/ it leverages on the end-user's mobile phone biometrics ; 2/ it adds data privacy related end-points so that the login is not just about authentication but also the first step towards having a full data control and consent framework built-in at the moment of authentication.


If you have already implemented OAuth 2.0 in your back-end application, you will only require an hour or so to go full passwordless.

It's that simple: if you have implemented a 'login with facebook', 'sign-in with LinkedIn', or the likes of authenticating via a social media account, you are just a few minutes away from having a full integration with authenly. We provide code snipets for various development environments, just ask.


A first step towards GDPR compliance.

Implementing a full scale GDPR compliance is no small feat. You could dedicate months of R&D efforts and still not have a proper GDPR implementation. Authenly simplifies this process. We give you a few end-points to implement, and Voila! Your end-users can get reassurance of the level of GDPR complicance that your application supports, and you can focus on building more value-adding business features.

Convenience and Compliance

Towards better security and GDPR support

Would it not be nice to plug-in some snippet code which deals with all authentication constraints, including security and data privacy?

Secure protocol

Authenly is built on secure and mainstream protocols at both web and mobile device level.


Authenly is going through regular academic reviews and ethical hacking to deliver the highest level of security.

Instant Sync

Your application receives direct and instant OAuth notification of login, with the shared data agreed between admin and end-user.

Log history

We keep a history of login attempts and all associated metadata, including IP, device uuid, and geo-location.


Authenly enforces some data privacy compliance requirements by requesting the implementation of GDPR-related end points.

Fast integration

If you have already implemented social logins,such as sign-in with Facebook or LinkedIn, you could be setup in less than 1h.


Frequently Asked Questions

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