Multi Factor Authentication

We have the most Secure, Simple and Private MFA out there!


We encrypt all communications with the most recent crypto algos. We mean all communications, including our QR codes.

Not hackable

There's nothing of value here! No password, and no crypto key on our server! If it ever gets hacked, you won't!


Worried about our server's 100% availability? Guess what, you can even generate your TOTP when offline.

In your pocket

With the Authenly mobile app, you carry with you your personal secure authenticator in your pocket.

Secure backup

The backup of your TOTP is a simple QR code that you can print and only you have access to decrypt it.


We do not ask for private data, and we do not share any private data in exchange of providing this service.

You would think all MFA/2FA are made equal...

But you would be wrong!

They say they encrypt, but they use old stuff...

Take google as an example, when they pass to your device the private and public keys for the TOTP, they use HMAC-SHA1, which was basically first broken in 2005. Interested? Check here and here. You would think they take your security seriously 🤔. Well, think again!

They offer various MFAs, but most leak...

Take Microsoft as an example, who recently warned their users that their 2FA based on SMS or voice calls where the least secure MFA that exists. Interested again? Check here. You would think that they would remove the leaky MFAs and not allow their users the option of a leak 🤭. Well, think again!

They use best practice TOTP, but in fact not...

Take around half the 2FA/MFA vendors who provide TOTP for paid subscriptions and store your pivate key in their cloud for your "convenience", in case you lose your phone. Do yourself a favour and google search "cloud backup TOTP". See the long list of those who will leak your private key one day? You would think that that they would not store the 2FA alongside your password 😂😂😂 just in case the hacker will get both at the same time 🥳. Well, think again!

Why Authenly?


We are the most secure solution out there. The crypto key stays on your device, and does not move from there. We encrypt with most recent crypto algos. We do not store any password on our cloud infrastructure, and we do not keep your crypto key either. Need proof? We can even provide the TOTP whilst your device is offline.


It takes a few minutes to register with Authenly, and all we ask is a proof of ownership of an online identity (generally an email address). Of course, if this email is not yours and belongs to an Authenly user, she will get notified right away! That's how it should be 😉.

Setting up a TOTP is not always easy, but we have written a step by step guide which will demystify the process. You could be setup within 15min. No more worries about your online account being easily hacked...


We do not share your data with any third party, unless you agree to it explicitly for login purposes. In the case of a MFA/2FA authentication via TOTP, there is no data to be shared, therefore no question will be asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

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