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In a world full of hacks, data breaches and leaks, we made it very simple for your online business and your online assets (money, documents, client's data, and more...) to be kept secure.

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Still using password based login?

Check-out how a passwordless login can be easily implemented, and the associated benefits for your company and your end-users.

A brief overview of what Authenly can offer

The list below is just a high-level overview of what you get with Authenly. Have a look in more details at the relevant solutions pages for a deeper understanding of the capabilities and benefits.

Zero password!

Our key feature is our unique passwordless authentication system, which integrates easily into any website and allows instant login via a mobile device. Check more...

GDPR Compliance

Our passwordless authentication system integrates a GDPR Control and Consent Framework to allow for a minimal but fast GDPR integration and compliance. Check more...


We deliver a fully secure 2FA - TOTP solution, with encrypted backup and restore, and admin safe access, as well as a fully hosted back-end 2FA solution. Check more...

Online reputation

You will discover the online reputation associated to your identities, and any Data Breaches suffered along the way. Check more...

Un-hackable Secrets

We give you the ability to keep secrets really secrets and mostly un-hackable, since they combine both online and offline security. Check more...

Private and Secure

By combining Security and Privacy at the most critical online moment (when you login), we give you back control over your data.

Still unsure why you should get rid of password based authentication?

Sit back, relax, and watch this entertaining performance from Michael McIntyre about passwords in the not so secure internet world.

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