Data Breaches

Accounts that you opened with several online websites have likely been breached already. You may not even remember that you subscribed to them, but that does not matter anymore: your data has likely been leaked into the "Dark Web". Such data could include more than just your email and name. It is very likely that your password was leaked too, and any additional information stored by such online provider.

Is your personal data circulating on the dark web?

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What is a Data Breach?

This short animated video will probably open your eyes since data breaches happen every day on a massive scale.

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Which part of your identity is sold on the Dark web?

We would all love to live in a safe online world with zero hack and zero data breach, but unfortunately this is not the world we live in. As soon as you download Authenly and log in, you will know!

Who leaked you?

Get the list of all those websites you once registered with, and who unfortunately leaked your data, very likely including your password.


What if your email and passwords ended up in a large collection of leaked identities sold on the dark web? Better know it now!


Get notified of any new data breach in real-time via the Authenly app (the real-time notification is a paid feature)

Did you know?

On average, an online identity which was used regularly over a decade will have likely suffered at least 10 data breaches.

Not immune!

Data breaches do not happen only to small companies. Large corporations are not immune and regularly get hacked into (e.g. LinkedIn was breached in 2012 and 2021)

Live longer online

In life, early detection is the way to live longer. It is the same online. Early Detection + Action = Safer, Longer and more Reputable.

You got hacked!


Getting hacked but not knowing about it is the worst that can happen. You may as well leave the keys to your home on your doorstep and go on holiday for a month.

Indeed, if you know nothing, you cannot do anything. Therefore, first and foremost, you need to put in place a real-time detection system to reveal all data breaches and other online identity thefts which may happen on all your online accounts accross all your online identities. Authenly provides such a service for a tiny subscription fee.


When you get alerted of a data breach, it is already too late for keeping those data safe.

Your hacked data are now circulating on the internet (dark web or otherwise) and are in the open. You have to assume that anybody can access your data.

Depending on the sensitivity of your leaked data, you need to consider if you should close the account, register as a new user, or just change your password.

However, as your online identity and one password you have been using are already circulating among hackers, it is way too easy for them to go into all your other accounts if you do not act rapidly and keep good security practices. You may need to reset right now the passwords of several other accounts either sharing the same password or a similar kind of guessable of password.


Now is a good time to reflect and improve your overall online security.

Have a review of all the most important online accounts that you have, and check if they are still relevant. Check if some are based on a simple password-based authentication. If it is the case, it likely has a higher risk of hacking than most, so you should ask yourself if you really need this account or if it is time to drop it. If the vendor offers a 2FA protection, go and set it up right now. Authenly offers a free 2FA TOTP for most individual needs. The trade-off for improved security is therefore only a matter of giving away a little bit of time and a little bit of convenience.

Finally, evaluate all data which got leaked. Is it a problem that these data are in the open? For example, if such data contain a credit card number, yes this will be a real problem, and you need to prevent any spill over to additional financial risk. Take all adequate measures based on the sensitivity of the data which got leaked.

Have your data leaked into the Dark Web?

This 1 minute animated video explains how you can rapidly check the data breaches you have been exposed to, and which data was leaked.


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