A brief overview of the most interesting features for end-users

No Password

Our key feature is obviously that we do not request a password for authenticating you into any systems.


We provide you with best-in-class security authentication, and by removing the password, we just removed the target!

Instant Sync

Just after access granted by the QR code scan, you get logged-in instantly into your application.

Access history

We keep a history of failed and successful access to your account, so that you get more aware of attempted hacking.

In your pocket

With the Authenly mobile app, you carry with you your personal secure authenticator in your pocket and get phone biometrics protection as an extra.

Multi device, multi identity

You may have multiple identities and multiple devices. Our app supports all combinations to identify you as the same end-user.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ready to go passwordless and keep hackers away?

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Are you ready to make the leap? Download Authenly for Android today — it's free.

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